Gasless Transactions

All operations inside Ambient can be executed in the form of "gasless" transactions. This facility allows the user to sign an EIP-712 message off-chain. The message includes an optional tip for the relayer who actually sends the Ethereum transaction and pays the gas. The action is evaluated as if the user directly called the DEX contract from their own wallet.

This option allows users to pay for Ambient trades with arbitrary tokens in their wallet or from their DEX positions. The relayer pays for the gas, avoiding the need for the user to keep any Ethereum in their wallet. Both swaps and LP positions can be executed with gasless transactions.

Relayers tips are generally less expensive and easier to pay when paid directly from a user's pre-existing surplus collateral balance. As such we suggest users that heavily utilize this feature to maintain at least a small balance of working collateral at the dex.

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